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Quality patient experience goes beyond clinical care

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Healthcare is 10 years behind in customer service standards. We created a movement to change that and we invite you to be a part of it.

3 Steps to Grow Your Medical Practice

Focus on Improving the Patient Experience

"I wrote Beyond Bedside Manner because I truly believe that when a practice or product starts here, success will follow.  When you view your practice or product from the patients’ perspective, your business will change."
- Shareef Mahdavi

Exceptional patient experience is more than just good customer service. Patients want and expect more, especially when paying directly. Beyond Bedside Manner gives you insights and examples from hospitality, retail, dining, and other medical practices that can help you and your team rethink the patient experience.

Use PX as a Catalyst to Modernize Your Operations

The patient experience is a holistic endeavor; it includes everything from your place to your people to your promotions. In Beyond Bedside Manner, Shareef breaks down the 6 value-drivers for any practice and explains how PX should be central to all of your operations.

How SM2 Can Help:

Capitalize on the Value Created by Better Patient Experience

With the seeds planted for success, you will be on your way to running a more profitable and more valuable business! SM2 has long-term relationships with the best firms in the nation that specialize in helping doctors understand their options on how to capitalize on the value they have created in their practice. When appropriate, we make recommendations for tax strategy, investment banking, legal counsel and private equity.

Keep more of what you earn and find a partner to help you capitalize on what you have built.

"We need to change the way consumers experience healthcare, one physician at a time."
​​​​​​​- Shareef Mahdavi

Quality Patient Experience Goes Beyond (Just) Bedside Manner

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