1-1 Coaching

Helping Doctors Be More Effective


When it comes to improving how you do what you do everyday, most doctors don't realize how little feedback they get on issues that gnaw at the joy of being a physician or simply hold one back from being more successful in practice.

SM2 offers personalized coaching for doctors, bringing an independent and caring perspective to each conversation, which can span a wide range of topics during the engagement period.  Strategy, partner issues, practice financials, leadership, staff development, doing better patient consultations...  these are just some of the topics that have been part of individual coaching.  

All sessions are considered privileged and confidential.  
Licensed physicians can request 1-1 coaching sessions with Shareef.  A package of 10 sessions lasting up to one hour is $5,000.     

“Quality is defined by the customer, who uses a much wider lens than you do.”