If you can get your customers to focus
on their patients' experience, you win​​​​​​​
Medical Device Manufacturers & Software Providers 

No one cares about your solution, they care about their problem


Step one: Understand how your customers' relationships are impacted by  Patient Experience 

"I wrote Beyond Bedside Manner because I truly believe that when a practice or product starts here, success will follow.  When you view your practice or product from the patients’ perspective, your business will change. "
- Shareef Mahdavi

We start with customer surveys of technology - doctor’s don't want to offend the manufacturer, he identifies gaps in the messaging to doctors to vendors… find ways to close the messaging gap - Research, surveys, help marketing team to increase effectiveness on the commercial side, keynotes at user meetings (all about PX) 

Get 57 insights from the 6 parts of your business

Gain from the Experience developed over 30 years of working with medical Practices

Healthcare is 10 years behind other service industries. Join the PX Movement that is ready to change it.

Step 1: Understand how your customers' relationships are impacted by Patient Experience 

Step 2:
Let us help you leverage Patient Experience to drive revenue

Marketing and Messaging

​​​​​​​Product Positioning 

Strategic Framework to Launch Products

The successes are shown here. Many failures also along the way. 

About SM2 Strategic

It's time to be smarter
I created SM2 Strategic as a different kind of firm that focuses on  medical device firms as well as medical practices.  Under SM2, we can provide the right resources in marketing, operations, and finance that help clients be smarter and more focused.  Over 30 years, SM2 has developed a keen understanding of the medical profession through careful listening and advising over 50 companies and thousands of doctors, helping them extract greater value from their chosen profession.

8 Major Innovations... that I've been a part of during my career. 

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SM2 Strategic has helped clients including
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“The experience you offer customers is the only sustainable means of differentiation.”