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Growing and sustaining your business isn't about the lowest price or the latest technology, it's about the patient experience.

At SM2 we believe that the success of a medical practice or a company attempting to sell into medical practices begins with a clear focus on the patient experience. Patient experience drives patient satisfaction, referrals, and positive culture in the workplace. 

When patients have remarkable experiences they share it with others - and the practice wins. When the practice wins, the vendors who supply to the practice win as well. For this reason, all of our engagements start with the question, "How do we improve the patient experience?" 

We Wrote the Book on Patient Experience

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To help seed patient experience improvement ideas, Shareef Mahadavi has written the first-ever book on the topic: Beyond Bedside Manner.
  • Discover Over 50 Unique Insights to Improving Patient Experience
  • Change the Way You View Your Medical Practice
  • Learn from Expert Advice Drawn from All Fields of Customer   Service
  • Join the Medical Movement Focused on Treating Patients Better Inside and Out of the Exam Room
  • Use Time-Tested Principles Developed Across 30 Years of Working with Medical Practices

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Because your practice can rise or fall based on your approach to the patient experience, all of our client engagements start with a focus on px improvement. We believe that all practices can see significant improvements in everything from revenue to employee morale by creating an intentional focus in the patient experience.

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You may have the latest app or technology, but no one cares about your solution, they only care about their problem. We help companies align their solutions with specific customer problems that we see manifest as part of the patient experience.

About SM2 Strategic

Shareef Mahdavi | Expert on Perfecting the Patient Experience

For over 20 years years, SM2 has developed a keen understanding of the medical profession through careful listening, strategic planning, and advising for over 50 companies and thousands of doctors, helping them extract greater value from their chosen profession.

"SM2 Strategic is unlike other firms in the industry. I focus on creating strong bonds between medical device firms, medical practices, and patients. Under SM2, I can help provide you the right resources in marketing, operations, and finance that help my clients be smarter and more focused." - Shareef Mahdavi

SM2 has been helping clients for over 20 years, including:

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“The experience you offer customers is the only sustainable means of differentiation.”
​​​​​​​- Shareef Mahdavi 

Quality Patient Experience Goes Beyond (Just) Bedside Manner

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