Billing, Coding and Technology Assessment

Do you ever feel overwhelmed sorting through all the conflicting opinions on medical financial strategies? Many practices struggle to keep up to date when it comes to billing, coding and investment in technology, wondering where the ROI or path to success lies.  What if your practice had access to expert advice based on data and fact rather than opinion and assumption? ​​​​​​​Available specialties:  Ophthalmology and Optometry
Working closely with FocalPoint Advisors, SM2 clients have access to state-of-the-art analyses including predictive modeling.  It starts with a no-fee assessment of your current billing and codingto identify gaps and opportunities for your practice.   that, once addressed, will strengthen it from a financial and regulatory perspective.  
Get an Individualized Office Performance Check that uses publicly available CMS data to compare your practice to a database of 29 million Medicare records.

Billing, Coding and Technology Assessment Resouces

“Quality is defined by the customer, who uses a much wider lens than you do.”