Technology Adoption

Product Positioning: Getting it Right

01. Issue

Intralase’s femtosecond laser to improve LASIK results was struggling to gain acceptance as they promoted a new procedure called “Intralasik”. It was not gaining traction and proved confusing to surgeons as well as to the 3 existing laser manufacturers that perform the 2ndstep in laser vision correction. Intralasiksounded neat but had no inherent meaning to patients.

02. Solution

Working with the company’s ad agency DuPuis, SM2 recommended the company shift positioning from a procedure to an “ingredient” that enhances the brands for the LASIK procedure being promoted by the 3 existing manufacturers.

03. Result

Adoption greatly improved as the companies embraced the added ”ingredient” to their version of the LASIK procedure. Confusion was eliminated as practices had a clearer idea as to how to promote this new technology to patients. Use of the femtosecond laser grew from 3% (2002) to over 50% (2009) and is the standard of care in LASIK today. Intralase went public in 2006 and was subsequently acquired by AMO (now Johnson and Johnson Vision) in 2007 for approximately $900 million.
“The experience you offer customers is the only sustainable means of differentiation.”