Technology Adoption

Recognized Leadership in Launching New Medical Devices

Are you seeking to create demand for new medical technologies and procedures?  SM2 Strategic has been working with leading device manufacturers for  30 years. 

Founder Shareef Mahdavi led VISX's marketing launch of the laser platform used in LASIK, now the most widely performed elective surgical procedure in the US and worldwide. Shareef has worked with dozens of companies, ranging from early-stage “projects” all the way to well-established market leaders. Working closely with senior management and the marketing/sales teams, SM2 brings a unique outside perspective to solving the issues facing all commercial launches.  
"Shareef and I worked together to commercialize miLOOP - strategy, planning, messaging and implementation. He became more like an employee than a consultant - we talked, created, adjusted plans ....everyday. 

If you need a marketing guru, a sales forcast planner, out of box thinker, and someone who protects your interest like a lifetime friend... Bring Shareef into your team".

- Jim Simms, Chief Commercial Officer, ianTECH (acquired by Zeiss 12/18)

Technology Adoption Case Studies

“Quality is defined by the customer, who uses a much wider lens than you do.”