Economic Vitality

Financial Insight & Improved Operating Margin

Are you seeking to increase demand for  elective procedures?  Shareef Mahdavi  and his firm SM2 Strategic have been working directly with physicians and manufacturers for over 30 years, helping them understand how to create greater value for their services. Having launched diagnostic, surgical, and information-based technologies, Shareef understands what it takes to successfully integrate new technology offerings for staff as well as patients.

In recent years, SM2 began focusing on the financials,  providing insights to doctors that help them find more value without having to add new procedures or technology.  In collaboration with experts in tax as well as M&A law, SM2 is advising physician clients as they contemplate selling and want to understand the pros/cons of private equity.  

SM2 Strategic is always seeking resources that are meaningful and views its role to engage and inform clients with win/win solutions that are better for the practice.  
"It took SM2 Strategic just a few minutes to uncover an easy way for our practice to save $10K a year by changing one of our daily business processes.   Simple and effective!"

- David Aimar, DDS      Walnut Creek, California
“You must understand what business you’re really in if you want to bond with your customers.