Treating Patients as Customers

Changing the Way Consumers Experience Healthcare … One Physician at a Time

The missing ingredient in many practices has been a focus on how to manage the overall experience patients have before, during and after their appointment.    This is not just good customer service, which is expected and does little to build patient loyalty.  This is about a medical encounter that becomes a memorable experience in the mind and heart of your patient.  

The Experience Economy refers to a long-term structural change in our economy that has been underway for the past two decades. Authors Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore first mentioned the term in a 1998 Harvard Business Review article and one year later published their book by the same title.

Shareef began working with Pine and Gilmore in 2006, was trained as a Certified Expert in their methodology,  and has been using it with clients ever since.  In 2011, Shareef was recognized by the authors with the Experience Management Award for his efforts to change the way refractive surgery practices think about customer experience.  

More about The Experience Economy
"I have known and worked with Shareef for over 20 years. In that time he has made my professional life considerably better in many ways. His knowledge of the industry and his frequent visits to a variety of practices and corporate offices gives him a unique welcome perspective, especially during those times when I feel like I have lost mine. He has revitalized my practice on numerous occasions and for that I am thankful. He is a huge asset to the ophthalmic industry and many others. Over and above all of this he has become a good friend."

- Anthony J. Kameen, MD     Baltimore, Maryland 
“The experience you offer customers is the only sustainable means of differentiation.”