When you focus on your patients' experience you win ​​​​​​​
Medical Practices

Step one… Focus on the Patient Experience

"I wrote Beyond Bedside Manner because I truly believe that when a practice or product starts here, success will follow.  When you view your practice or product from the patients’ perspective, your business will change. "
- Shareef Mahdavi

Get 57 insights from the 6 parts of your business

Gain from the Experience developed over 30 years of working with medical Practices

Healthcare is 10 years behind other service industries. Join the PX Movement that is ready to change it.


Beyond Bedside Manner

This first-ever book devoted to patient experience
  • Discover Over 50 Unique Insights to Improving Patient Experience
  • Change the Way You View Your Medical Practice
  • Learn from Expert Advice Drawn from All Fields of Customer   Service
  • Join the Medical Movement Focused on Treating Patients Better Inside and Out of the Exam Room
  • Use Time-Tested Principles Developed Across 30 Years of Working with Medical Practices

Step two… once you have the greatest differentiator you can have as a medical practice (remarkable patient experience), it is time to optimize your operations!


Here are some ways we can help you do that:

Guiding clients to achieve greater results in

Step 3: With the seeds planted for success you will be on your way to running a more profitable and more valuable business


Here are some ways to keep more of what you earn and find a partner to help you capitalize on what you have built.

“The experience you offer customers is the only sustainable means of differentiation.”