by Shareef Mahdavi

Foreword by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore
Co-authors of The Experience Economy
Story Seven Publishing
Coming April 2020
This first-ever book devoted to patient experience  

  • Understand why patient experience is the best way to differentiate your practice. 
  • Discover how to create greater value for patients and for the practice.
  • Learn what is most valued by patients as consumers in your practice.  

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What leading doctors and business thinkers are saying about Beyond Bedside Manner​​​​​​​

"Beyond Bedside Manner  is a pleasure to read with insights of great value to physicians. Interested in better patient care while enhancing revenue? This is the book for you.”

Stephen Wilmarth, MD
Sacramento, CA
"Beyond Bedside Manner should be every medical practice’s bible.”
John R DiJulius, III 
Bestselling author The Relationship Economy: Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age
"Having put into place many of the recommended practices as outlined, I know firsthand that they work.  It has made all the difference for my patients, my staff and the way I practice."
Aaron Waite, MD
Salt Lake City, UT
"Beyond Bedside Manner  is a must read for any medical practice that places a premium on maximizing the patient experience.”
Mitchell Brown MD MEd FRCSC
Toronto, ON
"Beyond Bedside Manner provides a thorough outline of the things that matter in changing the culture in each of our practices, all in one quick read.  For anyone wanting to do it better but not sure how to make it happen, this book is a MUST!"

Brad Calobrace, MD
Louisville, KY
Shareef Mahdavi is my favorite guru in the never-ending challenge to provide a Ritz Carlton experience for our patients in an era of Motel 6 reimbursement."

Richard L Lindstrom, MD
Minneapolis, MN
"Beyond Bedside Manner is a much-needed resource to help doctors bring the world of hospitality into their practices. Treating patients like guests is good for business and good for the soul."

Chip Conley
Boutique Hotelier (JDV Hospitality), Strategic Advisor to AirBnB, and        New York Times best-selling author 
"Beyond Bedside Manner will be much valued by both physicians and patients and the timing of these words is opportune for a world searching for direction and answers.”

Peter Sneed, MD
Traverse City, MI

Beyond Bedside Manner is a must read for everyone in the field of medicine. This book can de-stress harried physicians, who are anxious about how to survive, by giving them the tips to thrive.”
Mary P Lupo, MD 
New Orleans, LA
"The effect on my practice has been indescribably positive. I love my work and my team is harmonious and happy.”
Roy Rubinfeld, MD
Washington, DC
“Quality is defined by the customer, who uses a much wider lens than you do.”