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October 16, 2019

The Power of PR:  What Taylor Swift and the HOLLYWOOD sign have in common

Both were pranked as part of a related publicity stunt that was 20 years apart!

For those of you in the LASIK business, you’ve been given a huge gift courtesy of Jimmy Fallon, who surprised guest Taylor Swift by showing a video taken by her mom following LASIK surgery.     The young star was a bit loopy from the pain meds and pouts over a choosing a banana.   It’s hilarious and contains what may be every teenager’s new rally cry when mom or dad knocks on the bedroom door:  “I’m not asleep my mind is ALIVE!”

She tells Jimmy that she’s seeing very well at the start of this clip and her embarrassed reaction to her mom’s mini-documentary following LASIK is priceless. 

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SM2 Strategic creates demand for medical technology, focusing on the rapidly growing category of elective “self-pay” medicine. SM2 brings unique expertise in helping manufacturers more effectively launch new procedures and in helping physicians more effectively reach their target patient audience.

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A main thrust of the work done by  SM2 Strategic is to bring the experience economy to the world of medicine, helping doctors and companies significantly improve their customer experience. Doing so leads to higher performance and greater loyalty among customers and employees.

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I created SM2 Strategic as a different kind of firm that focuses on  medical device firms as well as medical practices.  Under SM2, we can provide the right resources in marketing, operations, and finance that help clients be smarter and more focused.  Over 30 years, SM2 has developed a keen understanding of the medical profession through careful listening and advising over 50 companies and thousands of doctors, helping them extract greater value from their chosen profession.
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